We can give new life
to your plastic waste!

PIM Recycling Ltd is the new entity created by PIM Limited to offer recycling services to businesses and industries in Mauritius and the region. In Riche-Terre, PIM Recycling has a crushing capacity of 3,000 kg per day, allowing us to increase our current recycling capacity tenfold. The launch of PIM Recycling Ltd aligns with the mission of PIM Limited, advocating for responsible plastic use.

Our Mission

Today, PIM Recycling Ltd brings a sustainable proposition to businesses and industries for the recycling and valorization of their moderately contaminated plastic waste, and thus becoming an essential partner in the Circular Economy and recycling in the region.

We have the expertise and technical capabilities to process all or part of your plastic waste streams.


Our services cater to:

Industries, producers, businesses, local authorities, municipalities, sorting centers, and shopping malls, among others.

Today, we are providing you with a tool that will allow you to quantify and segment your waste for recycling purposes:


Recycling Certificate

Ensuring transparency and traceability.

PIM Recycling is committed to issuing a recycling certificate for each client. This certificate ensures full traceability and demonstrates our commitment to transparency. It will certify the recycling of products, quantities recycled, and will be provided according to the client's needs, whether on an annual or monthly basis.

Our services

PIM Recycling Ltd has the expertise and capacity to recycle moderately contaminated products such as:

• Chairs    • Stools  • Hangers    • Plastic crates    • Pallets    • Household items such as basins, Tupperware, bowls    • Flower pots  • Paint bucket  • Egg trays  • Ice cream tubs • Juice cans • Food containers

At PIM Recycling, we not only recycle, but our expertise allows us to valorize plastic waste and give them a second life in partnership with PIM Limited.

We already recycle and valorize...

  • PhoenixBev crates
  • Décathlon hangers
  • Maurilait ice cream tubs
  • Sofap paint buckets


Would you like to contact us?

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